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Online Fundraising Resource Center

Raising money during and after the COVID-19 pandemic


We are with you during this difficult time

We have assembled the following set of resources to help you get on a path forward with your organization and your fundraising.   Refer to this page often for updated information including:

  • Webinars and Podcasts offering helpful advice, guidance, inspiration and support for you, your organization and your fundraising efforts.

  • Resource Guides with tips and instruction. on leading through crisis, executing a virtual fundraiser (Peer to Peer, Online Auctions, CrowdFunding)

  • Handbid Heroes Success Stories.  We all need a little inspiration.  Look for our weekly blog to contain stories from our charity heroes (like you) who have successfully run an online auction or virtual fundraiser.

A message from our CEO, Jeff Porter

'For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. ' 2 Timothy 1:7 



There are few words to describe the sudden changes that have been forced upon us as non-profit leaders and the impacts that they will have on our organization, our donors, and the communities we serve.  

Few of us have been asked to lead an organization through a crisis before, and you may be looking for guidance, advice or perhaps just empathy. 

I, along with my team at Handbid, are here to offer you all of those.  To help you manage the disruption in your fundraising plans, we are offering our clients the following:

  • Automatic 3 month extension on your current contracts

  • Ability to renew into a new multi-year contract and receive one extra year (e.g. renew for 3 years and we give you 4)

  • Free consulting with our support team on how to transition to peer-to-peer fundraising or crowd funding.

Please stay tuned on this page for up to date tips and advice on how to do virtual fundraising during a difficult time.  We will help you best understand whether you should postpone your event, move it online, or change it entirely.  Moreover, I will be doing a series of blog posts and videos to help non-profit leaders learn how to press forward to the other side.

Please understand this, there will be an end to this crisis and while the journey will be tough and uncertain, you and your organization will make it through.  Lean on us to help.


All the best to you, your loved ones, and your organization.






Success Stories

Jess Olson from Ligonier Camp

"I can say that first and foremost, Handbid is a fantastic company to work with!  This was our fourth time using Handbid for our yearly fundraiser!  In the past, we've hired a Handbid representative to attend our event to help facilitate the auction. This year, we decided to try things on our own, and just opted to have remote support the night of the event.  Things were moving along well for our dinner and auction event, and then the COVID 19 pandemic hit. We were forced to cancel the dinner part of our auction, and switch quickly to an "online only" event.  Handbid was very supportive in helping us make this switch!  Our clients were able to call and have someone bid for them if they were not able/comfortable using a device, and we were able to reach a much larger bidder audience by not limiting our participants to those attending the auction only.  We raised a record amount for our auction, despite these uncertain times, and we are so grateful for Handbid for their help and support!"

Catherine Walton from St. Leonard's College, Melbourne AUS

So the auction was a success considering all things that are happening in the world right now.  Handbid was super cool, very clean, easy to use and it just presented very well.

Kiki, Youth Sailing Foundation

We received rave reviews on the auction; people loved how it worked, and it was an absolute lifesaver for our fundraiser. Thank you so much for all your help, and for your great customer service!

Deborah Garrott, Pathway CFC

Handbid's support throughout our online auction process was spot on!  The website was so easy to use. Our organization is thrilled we moved our event online instead of cancelling.

Kari Tatar, Yuma Humane Society

The Humane Society of Yuma has the BEST experience with your customer and user friendly online platform. Our community had a great time with the bidding experience, even have people asking us to do a quarterly online auction.  Thanks Handbid for a successful online auction experience, you contributed to helping us exceed our goal of $5,000, we raised over $11,000 online!"

Jason, Orchard HSA

The app was awesome and worked better than I expected!!! Kudos to you and your team! You helped keep our Orchard auction alive even though we’re all under lock down. Stay safe and thanks again!!!


Kristen - HTCS

Considering we literally did the entire thing from our basement, I'd say it went really well. Our sponsorships are not all included in Handbid since many paid for those by check prior to the pandemic, but we think our rough net in will be about $70,000.

Not bad for two clueless people making fools out of themselves in their basement. :)

The Live feature was HUGE, and we were so pleased with how it worked and turned out. We ended up doing 3 live streams through Handbid over the course of the past week, and feel like we hit way more bidders than when we were just using facebook live.

We never expected to be nearly this  successful, so a huge thanks to the entire Handbid team for helping us make this happen!

Julie - Henry Fork Foundation

I could not be more pleased with Handbid and the great team you guys have! Thank you for the wonderful customer service and the personal way you help to make my job so much easier and more importantly - helping our whole organization through this very difficult year.


External Resources

Fundraising Advice, Resources to help you with your planning

Leadership Support - How do lead during this crisis

We are here to support you! You can count on us! Have more questions? Need to speak with us about your event? Want to access more eBooks, tips, and research?

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