You are pushing for change within your organization but you aren't getting very far!  You run into resistance and you are not sure its worth it.  You would love some ammunition and information you could provide to the board about why using a mobile bidding system makes sense.  

Well you have come to the RIGHT place. We are here to help.  We are fundraisers who run our own silent auctions.  Building Handbid was not done overnight. We had to carefully think about the benefits and costs of implementing such as system.  We believe it is the right solution for MOST organizations. 

Do you need help? We would love to speak with you!  We can get on the phone and provide you with the information you need for your next board or committee meeting.  Our consultation will cover:

  • The technological and social trends surrounding mobile and why they matter to your organization
  • The benefits of mobile bidding
  • The common objections that people bring up (the nit pickers) and the response you can give
  • Imperatives you need in your organization and event to make mobile bidding successful
  • Answers to many other questions you may have